ADATA PV100 Power Bank Review


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ADATA PV100 Power Bank Review

By: Bruce Normann

Manufacturer: ADATA Technology Co., Ltd
Product Name: PV100 Power Bank
Model Number: APV100-4200M-5V-CBK (Black)
UPC: 4713435799246
Price As Tested: $34.98 at Amazon

Full Disclosure: The product sample used in this article has been provided by ADATA.

Power comes in all forms, and it’s all around us. Our entertainment streams are full of power struggles, and they continue to play out on the world stage – all day, every day. My own power struggle is much more mundane. I just need to keep my cell phone charged up all day long, and sometimes for more than a day. One way to do that is to carry an external battery pack, like the one in the picture below. Benchmark Reviews has been testing a brand new power pack from industry leader ADATA, on a daily basis for several weeks now. The ADATA PV100 Power Bank is small, slim, and relatively lightweight, courtesy of the advanced Lithium Polymer battery inside. It has a capacity of 4200mAh, which is close to a median value for this type of device.

For most smart phones, that translates into two spare charges that are at your disposal. The PV100 Power Bank is not limited to phone charging. Anything that can take a charge from a standard USB port is fair game: media players, gaming handsets, GPS, tablets, cameras, and a burgeoning array of Bluetooth devices. Instead of dragging a bunch of proprietary wall chargers around, consider carrying a single portable power pack that can charge anything that will consume power from a standard USB port.


I have one of the world’s thinnest smart phones, with a very small battery pack inside. For reference, my trusty old DROID RAZR has just 1750mAh of battery capacity inside its 7mm thin shell. I really like the small size and light weight, and I put up with its short battery life. Not everyone shares my enthusiasm for thin, light phones with a short battery life. Judging by the evolving marketplace, super thin is NOT in….but it works for me. One of the reasons it does, is that I almost always have a fully charged external battery pack with me. I’m sure that seems counterintuitive, in that I have to carry two devices and the sum total of weight and size is way more than some possible alternatives, like the DROID RAZR MAXX HD that I reviewed last year. But the reality is that I find it easy to keep a spare battery pack handy, and I can usually find a way to transport it that doesn’t involve one of my pockets. If I do have to carry it on my person, the slim profile and light weight of a device like the ADATA PV100 makes it relatively painless.


My small, thin and light smartphone fits my pocket better, and the battery pack, charger and cable goes into a briefcase, messenger bag, backpack, the car’s glove box, or my wife’s purse. Sometimes I throw them in there separately, and other times I keep them together in a little bag. In case you’re wondering, I already owned three external battery packs before I started this review, and I’ll be discussing their relative pros and cons later. For now, let’s look at the features and specifications for the ADATA PV100 Power Bank.


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