Archeer Foldable Solar Charger Review


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Archeer Foldable Solar Charger Review

By David Ramsey

Manufacturer: Yisi Technology Co., Ltd. dba Archeer
Product Name: Foldable Solar Charger
Model Number: AR-SC-21
Price As Tested: $59.98 (Amazon)

Full Disclosure: Archeer supplied the product sample used in this article.

So, maybe you’re an avid outdoors person, or just an occasional camper. Perhaps you just want to dip your toe into solar power generation, or ensure there’s a way to charge your phone during a power outage. Well, Archeer has something for you: an inexpensive, folding solar charger, the Archeer AR-SC-21, that purports to be able to charge up to two USB-chargeable devices at 1.8 amps each. Benchmark Reviews will check out this charger to see if it can live up to its claims.


Archeer is a brand of Yisi Technology Company Ltd., based in China. They produce a number of consumer electronics accessories such as USB chargers, cell phone cases, Bluetooth speakers, and various cables. Oddly, this solar charger doesn’t appear to be listed in their web site,

Features & Specifications

Input Solar power, 21W
Output 5V/1.8A x 2 (2.4 amps max)
Size (unfolded) 627 x 311 x 20mm
Size (folded) 310 x 153 x 40mm
Weight 570g (1lb 4 ounces)


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