XTracGear Carbonic Mouse Pad Review

XTracGear Carbonic Mouse Pad Review

By Julian Duque

Manufacturer: PCXmods, LLC
Product Name: XTracGear Carbonic High Definition Surface Mouse Pad
Model Number: Carbonic
UPC: 855360001309
Price As Tested: $10.98 (Amazon l Newegg)

Full Disclosure: The product sample used in this article has been provided by XTracGear.

XTracGear (formerly XTracPads) is a company dedicated solemnly to manufacture the best mousing surfaces and accessories for gamers and professionals. This year XTracGear has decided to update some of their products, as well as introducing new ones. Please read along as Benchmark Reviews takes a look at one of their newest products, the XTracGear Carbonic HD Surface Mouse Pad, a low cost mouse pad which features a carbon fiber print that XTracGear claims to enhance mouse cursor accuracy.

With the introduction of the optical and laser mouse sensors we have seen a big decay in the mouse pad market as people do not generally need one because new sensors are compatible with almost all surfaces. So why do companies keep making better Mouse Pads? There are many reasons, many mainstream users use them because they have a sentimental value, but we are not here to talk about mainstream users. Us gamers and professionals who spend hours using a mouse really find a good mouse pad a need to achieve better mouse accuracy as well as for comfort.


Features & Specifications

  • Size: 216 mm x 280 mm x 3.175 mm (8.5″ x 11″ x 1/8″)
  • Surface: Polished Textile
  • Base: Cell Sure Grip Rubber
  • Edge: Fray Resistant Precision Cut Laser

Surface material is probably the most important feature of a mouse pad as it defines what type of user they accommodate to. For example, a user with sensitive hands will most likely enjoy a soft surface mouse, if you are more of a heavy handed person that uses low DPI settings, then you will find a hard surface mouse better. The XTracGear Carbonic is made of Polished Textile, which gives it a very comfortable feel. It does not feel flimsy at all and resting your hands on it feels very soothing.


One cool feature from XTracGear is the use of a rubber backing to maximize grip. In past experiences with their mouse pads we found that the rubber grip maintained a grip even on glass. Grip is important as you want your mouse moving, and not your mouse pad.


Looking at the edges from the XTracGear Carbonic Mouse Pad we find no overlaps and a very clean finisht, the clear sign of a laser cut. We find this really important as it guarantees that the mouse pad will last longer than most components in your desktop. XTracGear has also singed and cauterized which leaves no room for stray fibers to fray.

 HD Surface Mouse Pad Test & Results


Mouse pad testing is subjective, since quantified performance results cannot be obtained from a benchmark. For this reason we are only going to compare it to other mouse pads at the same price range. We will be using a Mad Catz R.A.T. 3 Optical mouse to determine which mouse pad gives the best feedback, friction, and comfort. 

Testing Surfaces:

  • XTracPads Carbonic HD Surface Mouse Pad (Semi-Rough)
  • Mionix Sargas 320 (Semi-Rough)
  • Steelseries Qck (Soft)

Like mentioned above each person has a unique taste regarding mouse pads, the XTracGear Carbonic really tries to bring the best of both soft and hard surfaces. I am a more heavy user that prefers low DPI settings and more friction for better accuracy, others might prefer a slicker surface for better movement; this means that not all mouse pads are suitable for one person.

The XTracGear Carbonic mouse pad is a firm contender. The texture itself is soft, and does not feel rough to the touch. Comparing it to the Steelseries Qck, the XTracGear Carbonic delivers a lot more feedback due to the polished textile surface. Also, the textile surface is great for plastic bottom pointers as it glides smoothly without any major disturbance.

The extreme comfort and feel of the XTracGear Carbonic completely destroys that of the Mionix Sargas 320. When using both of them for regular computing, they outperformed the Steelseries Qck as the soft surface did not provide enough friction. When it came to gaming, the XTracGear Carbonic had a better sense of accuracy, but the really slim Mionix Sargas 320 just was way to uncomfortable compared to it’s much thicker competitor.

XTracGear Carbonic Mouse Pad Conclusion

Overall, if you are in the look for a good mouse pad without a price burden, the XTracGear Carbonic will have you set for years with it’s outstanding quality and great looks. Frankly we do not think there is any accuracy increase due to the carbon fiber print, but the our tests did reveal that compared to other semi-rough mouse pads the XTracGear Carbonic is more comfortable, delivers plenty of feedback and has enough friction for our taste.

XTracGear Carbonic mousing surface is available online for $10.98 (Amazon Newegg).


Pros:Benchmark Reviews Golden Tachometer Award Logo (Small)

+ 1/8″ Thickness for better comfort
+ Improved accuracy from other semi-rough mouse pads
+ Anti-Fray edges
+ Rubber grip prevent it from moving
+ Offers great feedback


– Fingerprint magnet


  • Performance: 9.25
  • Appearance: 9.00
  • Construction: 9.50
  • Functionality: 9.00
  • Value: 8.25

Final Score: 9.00 out of 10.


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