LUXA2 Groovy Duo Live Wireless Speakers Announced

LUXA2 Groovy Duo Live Wireless Speakers Announced

Compatible with LUXA2 Groovy Audio Center App

LUXA2, a market leader in power, audio and holder solutions, today announced the Groovy Duo Live Wireless Speaker, the newest and most dynamic addition to the LUXA2 Groovy audio series. The Groovy Duo is a set of compact twin speakers that provides the most remarkable musical experience for all your lifestyle experiences. You can share your twin speaker with friends for mono to mono sound, or simply pair it up with its unique dynamic pairing mode for true stereo sound – watching movies, music and game playing, or even use as a mini home theatre system, the Groovy Duo compliments all your wireless musical needs.

LUXA2 Groovy Duo Live Wireless Speakers Announced

With its smooth black matte finish, crisp physical control functions and laser lined LED indicator, the Groovy Duo mixes hi-tech with hi-fashionistic appeal for the ultimate portable musical experience. One thing you must not do is mistake the Groovy Duo as an innocent looking little speaker as it is no slouch in the volume department, for it packs a whopping 6W (Watt) combined total audio output which is more than enough to keep that party going all night long. With up to 8 hours of long lasting playtime available, and requiring just 3 hours to recharge from flat, you spend more time jamming to your beats than anything else.

The Groovy Duo is also compatible with LUXA2’s Groovy Audio Center App which features 5-Band Equalizer, Global Cloud Radio and Playlist library. The app is now available for download on the Google Play Store for those who fancy a more personalized musical experience.

Play your music at the front, from the rear, side to side, above and below- the choice is yours.

LUXA2 Groovy Duo Live Wireless Speaker Key features include:

l  3W (mono), 6W (stereo) total output
l  Dynamic Dual Bluetooth Pairing Mode
l  Long-lasting playtime – up to 8 hours (depending on volume level)
l  Fast recharge – 3 hours (0-100%)
l  900mAh li-polymer battery cell
l  Mono to Stereo Surround Sound
l  Great sound. Sleek Design.
l  Easy portability
l  Mini Home Theatre – use on your desktop or tablet devices
l  Wireless connection from up to 30 feet
l  Line in for connecting
l  2 for the price of 1 set

Groovy Duo Live Wireless Speakersuggested price : USD 99.99

Further information about the Groovy Duo Live Wireless Speakeris available online: http://luxa2.com/Audio_Solution/129/_NEW_Groovy_Duo_Live_Wireless_Speaker/product.htm

About “LUXA2”

LUXA2- is a Taiwanese based designer and manufacturer of award winning portable accessories. Established in 2009, LUXA2 is committed to creating the best user-experience by consistently designing and innovating each and every product from concept to reality. LUXA2 believes that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication; and it is with this belief that our product designs are not only simplistic in nature but also incorporates functionality and premium aesthetic appeal at affordable prices. We promote not just products but total solutions. Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, the LUXA2 team possesses many talented specialists from all around the globe ranging from: sales mavericks, marketing aficionados, design wizards and R&D demons which are all lead by a top-gun management team. With offices in the USA, China, Australia and Germany, LUXA2’s presence on the global stage is ever-increasing to ultimately bring our mission of creating a simple, unique and luxury lifestyle to customers, and ultimately, a uniquely you.

LUXA2 official website: http://www.LUXA2.com

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