JunoPower Konnect Series Power Pack Introduced

JunoPower Konnect Series Power Pack Introduced

Tiny batteries pack a huge punch with up to 12,000 Milliamps of energy

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Portable power pioneer, JunoPower announces the newest addition to its impressive collection of mobile charging accessories. The Konnect Series forgoes traditional generic lithium for original Samsung lithium ion cells to comprise its 9,000-12,000mAh power packs. This means that the Konnect series is thinner, lighter and of higher quality than your typical portable battery. From your smartphone, to your camera and everything in between; the capacity of these external batteries makes sure that you will have full power whenever and wherever your device may need it.

JunoPower Konnect Series Power Pack Introduced

The ultra-powerful Konnect Kolor is a brightly colored and deceivingly small external battery that can pump out up to 12,000 milliamps of energy at a time, enough juice for hours of extended usage. Firmly believing that two is better than one, the power bank is equipped with two USB outlets capable of charging multiple devices at once. The smart accessory’s LCD display will tell you exactly how much battery life your mobile devices have remaining. No light? No problem. The Konnect Kolor’s built in LED flashlight ensures that you are never caught with a dead phone in the dark.

The Konnect Two and Konnect Plug bring big power that fits in the palm of your hand. Both batteries also feature two USB ports for dual charging. The 9,000 mAh Konnect Two is perfect for power junkies on the go. The sleek encased white and great grey design can be easily tossed into any carrying case. The battery’s high powered flashlight is perfect for rummaging through purses or luggage when out and about. The pearly white, 6600 mAh Konnect Plug cuts back on clutter by coming with a built in micro-USB cable, eliminating the need to fuss around with multiple cords.

The Konnect series retails from $44.99 to $79.99 at JunoPower.com. For additional information please visit www.JunoPower.com.

About JunoPower

JunoPower designs, develops, manufactures, and markets portable mobile devices and accessories for both Apple and Android devices alike. Our goal is to create the best possible products in both quality and design. JunoPower creates innovative designs with competitive pricing. In doing what we have been doing best for over a decade, we strive to create the most user friendly, reliable solutions for everyday power problems.

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