AMD FX-8370E AM3+ Processor Performance Review


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AMD FX-8370E AM3+ Processor Performance Review

By Hank Tolman

Manufacturer: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
Product Name: AMD FX-8370; AMD FX-8370E
Model Number:  FD837EWMW8KHK
Price As Tested: $199 (MSRP)

Full Disclosure: The product sample used in this article has been provided by AMD.

The newest installment of AMD FX CPUs is finally upon us. September 2014 marks the release of the a few new FX CPUs, including the FX-8370, the FX-8370E, and the FX-8320E. Although I, for one, have been anxious to see a new FX CPU lineup using Steamroller cores, the three CPUs released today follow the same pattern as the last two years worth of FX CPU in using Piledriver cores. With the AMD Kaveri APUs showing up at the beginning of 2014 with Steamroller cores, I thought perhaps the FX series wouldn’t be far behind. Looks like we will be waiting until next year at least. Today, Benchmark Reviews takes a look at the FX-8370 and FX-8370E processors.

FX_Chip_ShotBoth the FX-8370 and the FX-8370E tout eight Piledriver cores and compete in price with Intel’s i5-4570. AMD really likes the sub-$200 market and we saw just how well they have been able to stack up to the competition in a price/performance ratio with the Kaveri release in early 2014. I’d expect that the FX-8370 and the FX-8370E also compete very well with their similarly prices competitors. Before we jump into a closer look at the FX-8370 and FX-8370E, let’s take a look at AMD’s current FX lineup.


Now let’s look at the new CPUs.


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