Adesso iMouse G1 Illuminated Desktop Mouse Released

Adesso iMouse G1 Illuminated Desktop Mouse Released

Adesso iMouse G1 brings style, illumination, and affordability to the desktop

Adesso Inc., a leading manufacturer of computer input peripherals, today announced the release of the Adesso® iMouse G1 – the Illuminated Desktop Mouse. Perfect for dim environments, the stylish Adesso® iMouse G1’s illuminated blue light feature brings beauty, clarity, and efficiency to the desktop.

Adesso® iMouse G1’s built-in LED lights emit an elegant and soft blue glow to the front and the sides of the mouse, making it highly visible and easy to use in the dark, while ensuring a calm and soothing experience to the user. Meanwhile, its stylish shape is designed to match the user’s hand for maximum comfort.

Adesso iMouse G1 Illuminated Desktop Mouse Released

With a click of a button, the user can also switch between 800, 1200, 1600 and 2400 DPI resolution, bringing extra control in mouse precision, making it ideal for intense gaming as well as for general application use. Finally, the optical sensor technology keeps the mouse precisely on point, allowing it to work on most glass, wood, marble, and leather surfaces without a need of a mouse pad.

As Adesso, Inc. continues to develop its current line of Illuminated input devices, the practical affordability of the iMouse G1 is set to appeal to both the professional and the general consumer.

With all the great features and a suggested retail price of $9.99, Adesso® iMouse G1 is now available for purchase at major retailers and e-retailers.


The Adesso® iMouse G1’s illuminated LED light lets you work from dusk till dawn at your desk, study, or in the bedroom without disturbing others!
The Adesso® iMouse G1’s DPI button allows switching between 800, 1200, 1600, and 2400 DPI .
The Adesso® iMouse G1’s enhanced optical sensor improves speed, accuracy, and reliability while letting you work on most glass, wood, marble, or leather surfaces without any need of a mouse pad.


Tracking Method: Optical Sensor
Connectivity: USB
Resolution: 4 Levels (800, 1200, 1600, and 2400 DPI)
Buttons: 6 Buttons (Left & Right Click, DPI Switch, Scroll Wheel and Middle Buttons)
LED Color: Blue
Dimension: 5.3″ x 1.6″ x 3.4″ (134.6 x 40.6 x 86.4 mm)
Weight: 0.2 lb. (90.7 g)

To learn more about Adesso Inc. please go to http://myprgenie.com/company/profile/adesso-inc.