GIGABYTE FORCE H Series Gaming Headsets Announced

GIGABYTE FORCE H Series Gaming Headsets Announced

The emerging FORCE H Series gaming audio lineup is crafted for optimized comfort in every possible way

GIGABYTE, the world’s leading premium hardware brand, introduces its latest gaming headset line, the FORCE H Series. Crafted for music lovers and audio-savvy gamers having uncompromising enthusiasm for music and gaming audio, the new FORCE H Series consist of five headsets that are all packed with unique ergonomic design and extraordinary audio engineering, delivering the optimized multi-dimensional comfort in sound, wear and control. Its sleek profile incorporates rigid, directional angles with asymmetrically polygonal patterns that beautifully stretch throughout the entire body, screaming a loud racing outlook that prepares gamers to fire on all cylinders for the upcoming battles.

GIGABYTE FORCE H Series Gaming Headsets Announced

Sound in Comfort

Each FORCE H Series headset is engineered with different audio technology suitable for each gaming needs. The flagship H7 and H5 feature real 5.1 and virtual 7.1 surround sound engine respectively for gamers seeking professional grade gaming audio performance. For immersive, true-to-life gaming experience, the H3 and H3X, built in with 50mm neodymium magnet driver and inclined chambers, offers crisp in-game details with explosive bass and incredible positional audio to hardcore gamers. The H1 comes with high-fidelity sound quality via Bluetooth technology, making it perfect for mobile gaming.

Wear in Comfort

The FORCE H Series drives ergonomics to perfection, featuring a fully adjustable, lightweight industrial design with metal headband and swiveling ear pads to accommodate all types of head shapes and sizes. The one-of-a-kind hexagonally-shaped circumaural headphone completely encloses the ear as opposed to sitting on it, bringing terrific comfort while allowing gamers to concentrate on the combat uninterrupted from any outside noises. The memory foam ear cushion wrapped by the breathable leather adds extended comfort needed for wearing long hours over prolonged gaming sessions.

Control in Comfort

The FORCE H Series also offers gamers with comfort in control. All headsets for PC gaming come with a retractable uni-directional microphone for crystal clear in-game communication with the fellow players. The mic boom can be easily stored when not in use. When on the go or joining a LAN event, the advanced foldable design allows gamers to completely fold up the headset and store it in the supplied carrying pouch/case for greater mobility. Control is further enhanced with the smart control panel for the high-end H7 and H5, the independent in-line control for the H3X and H3, and the on-board control for the H1. These control-enhancing features make quick and easy adjustment of the volume and microphone muting without interfering the ongoing gameplay.

The FORCE H Series gaming headsets are available starting with the H3X leading the way to hit the market in October, followed by the flagship H7 and H5 models right afterwards. The H1 will be coming soon this winter in Q4.

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