Shooting Target Impact Signal System Bullet Hit Sensor Review


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Long-Range Shooting Target Impact Signal System Review

By Olin Coles

Manufacturer: Equu-Pulse Company
Product Name: Target Impact Signal System III
Model Number: DK8-001-III
UPC: 847628010260
Price As Tested: $170 (targetimpactsignal.com)

Full Disclosure: The product sample used in this article has been provided by Equu-Pulse Company.

Firing a bullet out to extreme distances with precision accuracy has been the primary goal for sharpshooters since the rifle was first introduced. Modern military training produces lethal snipers skilled with deadly aim that can hit key targets located so far away the shot goes unheard. Long-range shooting requires sharp skills and a high degree of understand to be proficient, but it requires repetitive target practice to ever become effective. To become well practiced it’s necessary to know if a shot hits its target, at distances where sight and sound of bullet impact fail to register. This is where the Target Impact Signal System aids shooters by flashing a strobe signal back to the shooter whenever a bullet hits its mark.

In this article we field test the Target Impact Signal System III, model DK8-001-III, at ranges beyond 1500 yards. A product of Equu-Pulse Company and Spencer Instrumentation, Inc., the Target Impact Signal System (TISS) is comprised of a Bolt VS-210 strobe flash unit, target box sensor unit, fastening tape, and 20-foot target box flash sync cable. These systems are typically offered in one of three configurations, with flash strobe light strength increasing with each version. The DK8-001-III model received for testing will be tested in bright sunny light at extreme long-range distances, with tips included on how to improve results and feedback.


TISS-III Features & Specifications

  • Power: 2 AA 1.5v batteriesTarget-Impact-Signal-System-Logo
  • Time to first flash, Position 1: 6 sec.
  • Time to next flash < than 6 sec
  • Time to first flash, Position 2: 8 sec
  • Time to next flash: < than .5 sec
  • Time to first flash, Position 3: 8 sec
  • Time to next flash: < than 1 sec
  • Flash visible to: > 1400 meters (1531 yards / 0.87 mile)


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