TITAN “Cooling Anywhere” Peripheral Cooling Devices Announced

TITAN “Cooling Anywhere” Peripheral Cooling Devices Announced

In 2014, TITAN makes something different in order not to disappoint their customers. We launch a totally new concept “Cooling Anywhere”. We have series products and expect to get attention from you.

What is “Cooling Anywhere” concept ?

All in the beginning of our new ideas, we made survey on PC industry earlier, and found thermal module industry is still growing, but it’s almost market saturation. However, tablet PC and smart phone are rapidly growing up and more and more people has one unit of smart phone and tablet PC in this modern life. TITAN desires to develop their professional skill, cooling into these electronic equipment, into our real lives. We expect expanding towards current tendency. The heat dissipation on these products would be a later focus, would be concerned when tablet PC grows stronger and stronger. Over-heat problem on 3C devices might make those products lower efficient, make their life reduced. So this year, all new concept “Cooling Anywhere” is going to say Hello to everybody. TITAN announces seven products with their own features in 2014. If you are looking forward this kind products, feel free to answer the email of TITAN .

TITAN “Cooling Anywhere” Peripheral Cooling Devices Announced

Clever idea, tiny size with multiple functions – Pyramid

This year, TITAN launched 7 new products. Most recently, TITAN has introduced “Cooling Anywhere” series. In May, we launched a flagship product—Pyramid Phone Cooler. Just like the name, this cooling stand has a triangular pyramid shape. Each surface comes in a different angle, 35°, 50°,and 65°,so you can place it at different angles according to your need. This is not just an ordinary stand. It comes with a 4 cm built-in fan inside with the bottom stage which pushes the air flows backward and with this function you are free to leave your smart phone cover on without fear of overheating, and this function can increases the air flow around the smart phone and make the heat dissipate more effectively. On the bottom stage, it has a PU gel pad that allows it to stick to any kind of material even on the cell phone cover. The new innovation product by TITAN joins a fan with a stand which will make your mobile way of life that much “cooler”.

“Newbies” – Fanstrom USB Tower Fan

This USB tower fan is mainly designed to be used in cars. Most vehicles do not have air-conditioning vent in the back seat which can be unbearable for rear seat passengers in the scorching summer. This USB tower fan has two velcro straps on both sides and two screw holes for holder attachment, and it can be installed in the back seat of the car or on the baby cart even anywhere you need.

Multi-function with adjustable pillars – Cooling Station

Cooling Station is a station designed for media integration. There are 4 pillars on this station, and you can adjust width according to your need. For heavy user who likes to play video games or watch a movie can place the game console, set-top box or router on the cooling station. It can fit two to three devices at the same time. Underneath the station, there is a 9cm built-in fan inside which can cool down the devices may overheat.

2-in-1 Fine metal design cooling stand – Cube Cooling Stand

Cube Cooling Stand with eye-catching design and practical function. It’s not only a stand for phones or tablet PCs, but also a cooler. This 2 in 1 phone and tablet cooling stand is stylish for its small cube appearance and all aluminum material. Plug and play with its mini USB port, and functional with built-in 6cm fan as well.

When you stand your phone or tablet above, the fan could take heat away when you use it for a long time or when it is charging. We are proud of this cube cooling stand and recommend for those who are heavy phone/tablet users.

Post It Cooler, post it anywhere!

Also, in the earlier of April, Post-It Cooler was launched. It features convenient usage with USB interface and easily post on devices with 3M tapes. Just post it on devices to solve over-heat problem during long term operation. Besides, Slim body doesn’t occupy any extra space, perfectly combine cooling and your life.

USB Fan Series comes with different size, plug and play all the way

USB Fan Series features plug and play USB interface so that you could use them everywhere and everything with USB port, DIY with your cooling ideas in order to make cooling convenient.

You can use USB Fan Series to cool any kinds of electronic devices at home, including notebook, desktop, set-top box, video recorder, home gateway, router, switch, Network Attached Storage (NAS), personal cloud storage, external hard drive enclosure and so on. Only one USB interface from devices or USB power adapter is required to power on the USB Fan series.

They design eight different sizes, and each one has their own stronger airflow and lower noise level, offer you a smart life without over-heat problem.

Taichi 2 in 1 USB charger still on the hot list!!

Except this “Cooling Anywhere” series, last year TITAN presented a totally new product you never see in the market, Taichi 2 in 1 USB charger which is a combination of USB charger and car battery tester. It’s a unique product different from other chargers which are normal except their various appearances. This charger is worthy of their continuous efforts over latest 2 years they concentrated on power industry, so it’s becoming a candidates of Best Choice at COMPUTEX 2014. This charger is potential to compete with other products no matter in black and white color appearance, special electronic circuit of charging and battery tester, and innovative 2 in 1 idea, we trust it would not disappoint everybody in this competition.

Continuing record of excellence

TITAN develops brand management and has excelled in thermal solution for over twenty years. In April, TITAN launched a series of products with the new concept “Cooling Anywhere” with incorporating the thermal solutions to everyday devices. Our goal is to introduce this new concept to the world and by this we will continuously develop the products with the extensive idea.

In particular, the Cube Cooling Stand, Pyramid Phone Stand, Fanstorm USB Tower Fan garnered great attention in the market. This eye-catching two in one product is truly a fantastic innovation! This product was announced in April, and TITAN has received many inquiries and attention from several distributors all over the world. This is a great victory for them!


TITAN brand is setting up over 20 years by a group of progressive engineers. With such long period of experience in CPU cooling industry, providing thermal solutions and power solutions, we have accumulated our foundation in both industries. Also, we are diligent in expanding our TITAN brand. Till now, Titan has gained worldwide reputation for its achievements and expertise in the CPU cooling field and power industry. TITAN always provides high-quality products with our profession. Furthermore, they expect launching new concepts year by year so that customers could see how hard they do in both industries.

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