Rapoo E6700 Bluetooth Touchpad Keyboard Debuts

Rapoo E6700 Bluetooth Touchpad Keyboard Debuts

Rapoo’s E6700 Bluetooth Touchpad Keyboard is a stylish, wireless keyboard designed for any setting.  It’s thin and light with full-size keys to ensure comfortable typing for long periods of time in a home or office.  The E6700’s ultra-trendy appearance will make it the focal point of your work space because of its high-grade materials and polished look.

The E6700 wirelessly connects to any Bluetooth-enabled device such as a tablet, laptop, Smart TV and other devices that support keyboards.  The Bluetooth 3.0 standard eliminates the need for messy wires, and adds a touch of modernity to a work setup.

Rapoo E6700 Bluetooth Touchpad Keyboard Debuts

This keyboard offers the best of two worlds: an ultra-slim design (only 4.3mm at the thinnest point) with the typing comfort of full-size keys.  The 82 chiclet keys are generously spaced for a smooth, error-free typing experience that allows the user to work for longer periods of time.  This is something that can be difficult when using the typical travel-ready keyboards on the market today.

No need for a separate mouse for navigation, the E6700 comes with a Smart Touch Area, or touchpad, for easy movements.  With up to 15 configurable gestures, navigation has never been smoother.  The touchpad boasts a glass surface making it scratch-resistant and simple to clean.

The housing of the keyboard is made from a special aluminum alloy for its elegant appearance, but it also makes the E6700 especially sturdy and tough.  An included eco-friendly, rechargeable Li-ion battery is USB chargeable, and offers up to two weeks of battery life from a single charge.

Rapoo’s E6700 is now available for $59.99 at Rakuten.com and other fine retailers.

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About Rapoo:

Following its inception in 2002, Rapoo has pioneered innovative and high-quality wireless peripheral products to more than 40 countries around the world. Each of its products exemplifies a core group of company values: superior quality and cutting-edge design with unrivaled value propositions. Notable technical accolades include the 5GHz wireless standard and international award-winning designs.

Rapoo’s longevity and sustainability is due to its steadfast commitment to designing, developing and manufacturing a variety of versatile wireless products that enhance the lives of consumers. Always one step ahead of the industry, Rapoo is equipped with an in-house R&D and Design team and its own state-of-the-art automated manufacturing plant to take charge of all products from conception to execution.

The China-based company works to achieve its goal of evolving and progressing into one of the world’s three largest manufacturers in the wireless peripherals segment by 2016. www.rapoo.com

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