Thermalright TRUE Spirit 140 Direct CPU Cooler Review

Thermalright TRUE Spirit 140 Direct CPU Cooler Review

The TRUE Spirit 140 Direct is the successor to the award winning TRUE Spirit 140 BW Rev.A air cooler (one of their zero-clearance models for both the RAM modules and top PCI-E slot) so yes once again Thermalright chose to improve an already proven product. However the TRUE Spirit 140 Direct has many differences with the BW Rev.A model the most distinctive of which is its H.D.T base (heatpipe direct touch) which allows the heatpipes to come in contact directly with the CPU cover (unlike regular models which feature a copper base between the heatpipes and the CPU cover). Unfortunately although this should indeed help the cooling efficiency of this model Thermalright decided to decrease the total surface of the cooler to give it a higher compatibility with PC cases (according to Thermalright the Direct model fits in some cases where the BW Rev.A could not). So although the BW Rev.A was 165.15mm tall, 155mm long, 53.4mm wide and had a weight of 610g the new Direct model is 161.48mm tall, 140mm long, 42mm wide and weighs 650g (this difference in weight is due to the newly designed mounting bracket). The new Direct model also features a total of five 6mm all-copper nickel plated heatpipes as opposed to the six 6mm all-copper nickel-plated heatpipes featured in the BW Rev.A model. Finally Thermalright used the same TY-140 black 140mm PWM fan with both models (1300RPM/73.6CFM/21dBA) which is one of the most inaudible fans we’ve ever come across. @NikkTech

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