Talo Acoustics Esscerion Tower Speaker Debuts

Talo Acoustics Esscerion Tower Speaker Debuts

Every once in a while a creation comes along that is so in tune with the inner human spirit that interacting with it transcends the physical world into a visceral emotional experience, defiant of complete logical understanding. It could be said that the Talo Acoustics Mk1 Esscerion tower speaker, is an example of such a creation.

The experience begins with its design, which in itself, is an example of form following function done the right way. The fluid shape of the body is the result of years of acoustic resonance studies resulting in a sound that is likely more full than any other tower speaker you have ever heard. The high end frequency response goes well in excess of the detectable range of human hearing which translates into an ease of handling simultaneous layers of high frequency sound within the audible range. Instead of hearing the hissing smear of rain imagine rather a roar of individually articulated droplets. The light aluminum coned midranges translate vocals with a sharp dynamism lost among comparable paper coned speakers.

Talo Acoustics Esscerion Tower Speaker Debuts

Being able to dip into sub 20hz frequencies gives Esscerion a bass response that extends lower than most subwoofers on the market. Combined with a 600watt rms power handling per tower makes a pair of esscerions true full-range standalone tower speakers that, unlike their counterparts, do not need the support of an awkward subwoofer or other components to fill in the rest of the sound spectrum. With an [email protected]/1m efficiency rating they are however very inefficient. Don’t expect to skirt by powering them with your current amplifier if it doesn’t offer at least 500w rms in output per channel.

This lower efficiency in the real world simply translates into a speaker that takes more power to achieve the same loudness you’re likely accustomed to, so expect to pair these power hungry beasts to a dedicated amplifier to experience what they can really do. They feature a self-leveling 3 point spike feet design that ensures solid connection to the floor regardless of surface. Worried about what those solid aluminum spikes would do to your sensitive floor? Fear not, they come with little cups just for that occasion. A neat aspect of their design is that they can be placed snugly in that all important corner position with a center of gravity that allows you to adjust its facing angle with one hand as you push it back and balance it on its hind leg.

A nice touch Talo Acoustics offers is custom metallic paint finishes. Rather than settle on black or some wood grain, they offer to finish your system with any color under the rainbow satin or gloss. You can take the work of art that is Esscerion and individualize it into a one of a kind creation that is perfectly fitting of the interior design of the intended space. Available now at TaloAcoustics.com for $1,800 a piece, but expect to wait. They are reportedly already under a 4 month backorder.


frequency response: 18hz-28khz
nominal impedance: 4 Ω
power handling: 600wrms/ 2200w max
efficiency sensitivity: 84db @ 1w/1m
recommended amplification: 400 – 800 watts rms
finish: custom
enclosure material: epoxied high density fiberboard composite w/ special dampening
enclosure type: sealed/bass-reflex hybrid via 10″ passive radiator
tweeter type: dual 1″ neodymium silk dual ring radiator w/ phase plugs
midrange type: dual 4″ aluminum cone w/ phase plugs
subwoofer type: single high output 8″ w/ aluminum alloy cone
height: 5’6″/168cm
weight: 90lbs/40.8kg

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