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OCZ RD400 PCIe MVM2 M.2 SSD Review

OCZ RD400 PCIe MVM2 M.2 SSD Review Back when the SATA based SSD was in its infancy, OCZ’s RevoDrive was one of the drives that plugs into a PC’s PCI Express slot, as it is designed to offer higher performance for those who demand the best performance. The original RevoDrive from OCZ was no more …

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OCZ RD400 PCIe NVMe SSD Review

These days, better performance can be achieved with a PCIEx4 SSD in the m.2 form factor, mounted on a simple PCIe adapter card (that you don’t have to use if your motherboard has an m.2 slot). Today Benchmark Reviews checks out this modern iteration of a PCIe SSD in the 512GB Toshiba RD400.

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