SilverStone Ensemble EB03 Headphone Amplifier Review


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SilverStone Ensemble EB03 Headphone Amplifier Review

By Aidan Moore

Manufacturer: SilverStone Technology Co., Ltd.
Product Name: Ensemble Series EB03
Model Number: SST-EB03B
UPC: 844761010621
Price As Tested: $189.99 (Amazon)

Full Disclosure: The product sample used in this article has been provided by SilverStone Technology Co. Ltd.

Silverstone has recently introduced two audio products to their extensive collection of computer peripherals. The Ensemble Series now includes the EB03 headphone amplifier, which is the subject of this review, and the companion EB01-E DAC.

Headphone amplifiers exist in a world of their own, where prices can range from a few dollars to thousands of dollars. SilverStone has priced the EB03 headphone amplifier at the low end of the spectrum for this type of product.

The EB03 amplifier is clearly intended to be used with the companion EB01-E DAC, although it functions perfectly well as a standalone headphone amplifier.

SilverStone EB03 Headphone Amplifier

SilverStone EB03 Headphone Amplifier

In this article, Benchmark Reviews will look at the SilverStone EB03 headphone amplifier and evaluate how the device performs with a range of headphones and audio content.

Features & Specifications

The SilverStone EB03 has the following features:

(From SilverStone Web site)

  • Premium amplifier designed to deliver full sound to headphones
  • Classic SilverStone Ensemble exterior design
  • Extra RCA bypass connection included for easy pairing with additional device
  • Studio-quality IC with THAT 1646W16-U & 1512S14-U
  • Independent volume control knob


SilverStone EB03 Ensemble Series Headphone Amplifier
Model No. SST-EB03B (black)
SST-EB03S (silver)
Color Black or Silver
 Material Aluminum & steel chassis
Overall dimension 152mm (W) x 82mm (H) x 176mm (D)
Dimension without knob, connectors, and feet  152mm (W) x 55mm (H) x 156mm (D)
Input  RCA
Output  6.3mm stereo jack, RCA connector (bypass)
IC  THAT 1646W 16-U & 1512S14-U
Headphone resistance   16-600 ohm
Input Power 12VDC



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