Rosewill RSVA-12001 Security Camera DVR System Review


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Rosewill RSVA-12001 DVR Security Camera System Review

Rosewill’s 8-Channel Digital Video Recorder Remote Monitoring Camera Kit RSVA-12001 / RSVA-11001 DVR Demonstration

By Olin Coles

Manufacturer: Rosewill, Inc.
Product Name: 8-Channel Digital Video Recorder Remote Monitoring Camera Kit
Model Number: RSVA-12001 / RSVA-11001
UPC:  989745051605
Price As Tested: RSVA-12001 $230 (Newegg|Amazon) RSVA-11001 $250 (Newegg|Amazon)

Full Disclosure: The product sample used in this article has been provided by Rosewill.

The recent economic collapse forced layoffs across the board, affecting private sector jobs as much as public professions such as law enforcement. The recession caused government furloughs that reduced police presence and made it difficult for others to find work. As a result, theft and robbery became an increased problem in many areas. Without the manpower to proactively patrol congested areas, it became more important to utilize crime prevention tools that could also assist in solving crimes.

For many, security systems are something they consider mandatory, or just too expensive to implement. Thankfully, there’s a whole new generation of affordable products that can help people get started. In this article, Benchmark Reviews tests the Rosewill RSVA-12001, an all-in-one security system with four cameras and digital video recorder that can be remotely monitored. Rosewill offers the two similar kits with the same DVR, packaging four CCD sensor cameras in RSVA-11001 or CMOS sensor cameras in RSVA-12001.

Rosewill RSVA-12001 DVR Kit Security Camera RCMR-14CMOSIR

Rosewill RSVA-12001 Security Camera DVR Kit

Rosewill DVR Kit Features

  • H.264 Compression Algorithm
  • 3G USB Network Support: DVR can allow the user to use USB 3G modem to connect with Internet.
  • 3G Smart Phone Surveillance Support: Synchronize Live Viewing, PTZ control is available
  • Convenience Quick Menu Bar: Friendly for use
  • Watermark: Editable watermark name
  • Individual Channel FRAME/RESOLUTION Setup: Powerful resolution & frame setting for each channel, Up to D1 resolution recording
  • Individual Schedule Setup for Each Channel: Flexible schedule setup for each channel
  • Unlimited Motion Area Setup: Simply to hold & drag the mouse to create the motion area
  • Powerful Individual Factory Default Setting: Default the single function you require only
  • Snapshot Available in Playback Mode: Pause & snapshot all the images you require in playback
  • Switchable Spot VGA/BNC Monitoring: Choose the control side you want, Up to 1440 x 900 VGA resolution
  • Multi Level User Management: Maximum 17 users (ADMIN, USER1~16), Restriction for CHANNEL, MAIN MENU, SYSTME MENU, PTZ, LOG SEARCH, PLAY SEARCH, BACKUP, NETWORK
  • Digital Zoom-in in live & playback mode: Hold & drag digital zoom-in area selection anywhere on the screen
  • PIP (Picture in Picture): Up to 2 x PIP available
  • Smart Backup: Support external DVD-RW, Hard Drive (Up to 2TB, FAT 32) and USB flash drive
  • Support Touch Panel Screen
  • Powerful Event
  • ESD Surge-protection for video filter


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