ARCHOS Titanium Smartphone Line Introduced

ARCHOS Titanium Smartphone Line Introduced

Google Certified Titanium smartphones feature multi-touch displays, dual-core processors, dual SIM support, powerful battery life, HSPA+ and more

By ARCHOS via Max Borges Agency

ARCHOS, a pioneer in Android™ devices, partners with MediaTek to release the ARCHOS Titanium smartphone line, with four mid-range fully featured smartphones with affordable prices starting at 99€. Featuring a stylish, easy-grip and slim body design the ARCHOS Titanium smartphones include large high-quality screens with amazing viewing angles, dual sim support with HSPA+ speeds for complete carrier flexibility and 5 MP back cameras for capturing the perfect picture. Fully Google certified, the ARCHOS Titanium smartphone range run Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, include popular Google mobile applications and have complete access to the Google Play store.

ARCHOS Titanium Smartphone Line Introduced

Real smartphones for daily use, the ARCHOS Titanium Smartphones offer the best user experience with rich and vibrant colored screens and the best in technology. Users now have the flexibility for their phone to be for both personal and work thanks to Dual Sim support. These smartphones make daily life easy with access to more than a million apps via the Google Play store and powerful batteries to take further than just a single day of use.

“Our new Titanium smartphones make daily life easy by providing everything you need wrapped up in a powerful, feature rich phone package with a price that is hard to beat,” says Loic Poirier, CEO of ARCHOS. “Thanks to our new partnership with MediaTek and their support, we are able to offer a range of unlocked phones at affordable prices without losing key features.”

“MediaTek is delighted that Archos has chosen the MT6572 3G+ platform as the basis for its new Titanium range of smartphones,” said Siegmund Redl, Vice President and General Manager Corporate Marketing, Europe, at MediaTek. “The MT6572 integrates into a single solution a powerful 3G+ dual-core processor with advanced Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth and FM functionality. Combining this with support for 3D Graphics, HD capable video and MediaTek’s Miravision display enhancement technology, the MT6572 offers an outstanding user experience on Archos’ Titanium range of smartphones.”

Each smartphone will include key features such as:

  • Dual-Core CPU’s: The built-in Dual Core CPU make for a powerful smartphone that will maximize your social networking, web browsing, gaming and app experience
  • Dual SIM: Finally, a smartphone that allows the user ultimate flexibility with managing multiple providers simultaneously
  • 5 Mega Pixels Back Camera: Each smartphone features a high resolution camera with auto focus and flash to capture every photo-worthy moment perfectly
  • 3G Connectivity H+ (21 Mbps): Experience speedy downloads and faster web browsing no matter where you are
  • Micro SD slot: Enjoy a large storage capacity with the built-in micro SD slot and Google Drive 15 GB for free (cloud storage)
  • Long battery life: The longer battery life eliminates the need to charge your phone every day during normal use eliminating the need to carry a charger with you
  • Google certified: Provides users with access to all Google services including Google PlayTM, Google Mobile Services and more than one million apps
  • A-GPS : Users can get all European maps for free eliminating the need to buy an in-car GPS

Technical specs

ARCHOS Titanium Smartphone Line Introduced

For more information about the ARCHOS Titanium Smartphone Range visit www.ARCHOS.com.


ARCHOS, a pioneer in the portable audio and video player market, and now specializing in Android Tablets and Smartphones, has repeatedly revolutionized the market for consumer electronics since 1988. Today, ARCHOS offers its own line of Android Tablets and Smartphones, as well as a full line of OEM devices. In 2000, ARCHOS launched the Jukebox 6000, the first MP3 player combined with a hard disk. In 2008, ARCHOS launched the first generation Internet Tablets, and then the first ever Android powered tablets in 2009. In 2013, ARCHOS launched its first generation of Smartphones with the ARCHOS Platinum series. ARCHOS has offices in the United States, Europe and Asia. ARCHOS is quoted on Compartment C of Eurolist, Euronext Paris, ISIN CodeFR0000182479. Website: www.archos.com.

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